Athos Danellis

“Karagiozis is projecting your soul on canvas."

By Christina Katsantonis

The founder of the Athenian Shadow Troupe and the Greek Shadow Theater Archive, Athos Danellis, has already completed 35 years of professional presence in the field.

Raised in Athens, originally from Crete, from a very young age, he met and loved Karagiozis alongside old masters of the Art, such as the master of Manthos the Athenian, Evgenios Spatharis, and others. Soon, he began to perform and study Shadow Theatre.

At the same time, he studied journalism in England, and as a journalist, he collaborated with ERA, free radio, and the magazine Tipo. But soon, he chose to devote himself to the area of the Shadow Theater.

In 1989 he started evening performances for adult audiences, presenting rare works from the Hellenic Shadow Theater's forgotten repertoire and his original creations. At the same time, with his "Athenian Shadow Troupe", he has taken part in many festivals in Greece and abroad (USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.).

In 1997 he was a key collaborator in the innovative "Shadow Opera" by Nikos Mamagakis at the Athens Concert Hall; from 2007 to 2010, he collaborated with the National Theater, presenting traditional Shadow Theater performances, while from 2009 to 2011, he collaborated with Dionysis Savvopoulos in performances presented at the Pallas Theater and the Athens Concert Hall.

Alongside the performances he presents in Athens throughout the country, he teaches the art of Shadow Theater in seminars throughout Greece and abroad, writes articles and studies and edits publications, radio broadcasts, and performances.