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ImpacTalk spotlights and gives voice to Greek leaders from various fields that inspire, share their life experiences and sensibilities, and recount their own life lessons. Every leader, speaking in the first person and without any predetermined scenario, unfolds his/her career and life in three 10-minute episodes. 

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Leaders Talk


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Experts Talk

ImpacTalk gives voice to experts and world-class speakers, offering to participants an exceptional experience of inspiration and alternative education. Through 45 minutes of interactive communication, experts discuss their practices to deal with challenges and the methods for making strategic decisions to accomplish their goals. 

Stories Talk

Articles that shed light on the power of human creativity and Greek achievements worldwide. Stories that influence and inspire individually, collectively and corporately.


What is ImpacTalk?

ImpacTalk is the Greek subscription platform for alternative education.

9 categories, from Business, Culture and Sports, to Science and Economy, #ImpacTalkers have the opportunity to be informed, get inspired and evolved by Hellenic Leaders and world - class experts.

Why subscribe to ImpacTalk?

As a subscriber, you become a member of the interactive community of ImpacTalk, with a low annual subscription cost and access to all the content of the platform, which is constantly enriched. You learn from the best how to use knowledge that leads to personal and professional development.

Partners Talk

Our Partners are our strategic allies and contribute at many levels to the development of the valuable journey of exploring human creation and leadership in all fields.