Andreas Taprantzis

The managing director of the car rental company Avis, dr. Andreas Taprantzis has completed three decades of managing large organizations and businesses.
He was born and raised in Arta, and from there, he came to Athens to study at the Polytechnic. He is a qualified Chemical Engineer with a Doctorate (Ph.D.) from the National Technical University of Athens in the cognitive area of automatic process regulation and artificial intelligence systems. He also holds an MBA , a research pt 3rd Class degree in Economic and Technical Studies, and a Quality Assurance Systems Auditor degree.
He has been a senior executive in applied research and a management consultant in organizations and companies, such as the European Commission, OTE, the Ministry of National Economy, IDV Group, and American Home Products. He has collaborated with agencies such as British Telecom, Tele Danmark, Royal Society of Arts, Royal Mail, BPCS, and European Universities.
In 2001 he started his collaboration with ELTA, where in 2005, he assumed the position of Managing Director. In 2011, he assumed the duties of authorized advisor to the Board of Directors. of TAIPED, and since 2014, he has been at the helm of Avis.