Dimitri Nanopoulos

“Our fate is our character”

High Energy Professor Dimitri Nanopoulos, the world's leading theoretical physicist known through the famous 1976 paper (John Ellis, Mary K. Gaillard, D.V. Nanopoulos), which led CERN to discover the "Particle of God", recounts his scientific career and life: from Charvati to Harvard and to the CERN, the first time he cried when he learned of Feynman's death, the mention of his name by Peter Higgs when he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013, and the anger caused by the media which deals with the insignificant, thus missing great scientific discoveries of humanity. He talks about the decision that changed his course in Science, for which he is still proud of, and about what is coming in the near future as knowledge, around the creation of everything.

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