Chrysanthos Panas

“Without risk, nothing is possible”

Chrystanthos Panas, the entrepreneur who deeply changed our idea of hospitality and entertainment in Athens, talks about the correlation between art and recreation. The man behind Central, Island and Salon de Bricolage, the creator of the rebirth of Athenee in the center of Athens, but most importantly, the man who envisioned the Athens Riviera dives deep into his love for aesthetics and culture. In a step-by-step process he explains how he built his career based on transparency. He offers advice to all young people to get the most out of risk taking. As an entertainment businessman, an art lover and collector, he shares his vision: to make our country known for its present and all that it has to offer at the moment. Chrysanthos Panas reveals the lessons that life has taught him; a life a lot of people wish they could live.

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