Data overload: The big challenge

inspired by Inside Story

Moderator: Nikos Panagiotou, Associate Professor, AUT


Eliza Triantafyllou: Journalist, inside story

Tasos Telloglou: Journalist, inside story

Irini Andriopoulou: Communications Specialist, Head of Research, Studies and Educational Programs, EKOME

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Data overload: The big challenge

For the first time in the history of information, the majority of citizens have not only direct access to information, but also to the very formation of the news, as well as to its distribution. The internet, smartphones and social media are becoming important, but at the same time dangerous tools in the hands of journalists and citizens, as the management of the huge volume of information is humanly impossible.

The role of the journalist is changing, so is the way they used to work. At a time when news must be "uploaded" as quickly as possible, the spread of false news, incomplete or poor information and the plethora of sources tend to further complicate the work of the journalist. Thus, the thorough investigation comes second and the journalist, from being a producer of news, is now called upon to identify the substance and, above all, to act as a filter against misinformation.

These changes in the communication landscape raise a number of questions about the quality, reliability and impact of journalism on society, but also whether it is ultimately possible to control content in the digital age. At the same time, in this ongoing live digital dialogue, between the journalist and the public, both sides must be constantly trained in order to be able to manage the new environment, since the pitfalls are many and the speed with which something inaccurate can widely be spread is inconceivable.

Mr. Nikos Panagiotou, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Media at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, welcomes to ExpertsTalk the Communications Specialist and executive of EKOME (Department of Research, Studies and Educational Programs) Mrs. Irini Andriopoulou and the journalists of Inside Story, Mrs. Eliza Triantafyllou and Mr. Tasos Telloglou, in a discussion about the greatest challenge of journalism, that of data overload.


Nikos Panagiotou
Associate Professor, AUT

Nikos Panagiotou is Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism and Mass Media of the Aristotle University. He has been a fellow of the British Foreign Office (Chevening Scholar of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK), Google, the DAAD at Deutsche Welle, the RCAP Scholar of APU University (Japan), Sabanci University, Beijing Foreign Studies University as well as transnational scholarships. He has conducted significant research work, with most notable the one funded by Google (Digital News Initiatives). He is the scientific and organisational director of Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy and Head of the Global Centre for Research and Innovation in Digital Communication.

Eliza Triantafyllou
Journalist, inside story

She was born and live in Athens. She studied Economics at ASOEE and she started working as a journalist in 2004. She took her first steps in financial and business reporting at Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia. She was involved in political satire, initially as a hobby and later professionally (TV show "Synteleia", SKAI). Among other things, in recent years she has worked at, while some of her reports have also been published in VICE. Since the summer of 2019 she has been at and the Observatory for the “Mati disaster”. Member of Manifold Journalism Team.

Tasos Telloglou
Journalist, inside story

He was born in Athens in 1961 and studied law at the University of Athens. In 1986 he secured a job at the newspaper "I Proti" and in 1989 he joined the editorial board of "Kathimerini", while at the same time he joined the political section of Mega Channel. From 1990 to 1997 he was a correspondent in Germany. He has produced and presented over 250 feature-length reports on television. In 1998, along with Alexis Papahelas and Pavlos Tsimas, he created the show "The black box" (Mega) and in 2004 he became senior editor of "Files". From 2007 to 2013 he co-presented with Alexis Papahelas and Sofia Papaioannou the "New Files" and from 2016 the "Stories" with Alexis Papahelas, Sia Kosioni and Pavlos Tsimas. Today he presents the show "Special Report" with Antonis Fourlis on Antenna Channel. He has won the Faces Award 8 times for his work on television as well as the Botsi award for journalism.

Irini Andriopoulou
Communications Specialist, Head of Research, Studies and Educational Programs, EKOME

Specialised in media and digital education with more than 15 years of experience and research. Elected General Secretary of UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance and member of the EU Media Literacy Expert Group (DG Connect) of the European Commission since 2006. Head of the Department of Research, Studies and Educational Programs at EKOME, the National Centre for Audiovisual Media and Communication for the coordination of a national strategy for Media Education and Information through a multifaceted approach, as mentioned in the first White bible of EKOME. She has edited the Greek edition of UNESCO's "Teacher Study Guide for Media Education and Information" and authored the book "Media Education: Key Points for Interpreting Media Messages”, for the international project DIMLE. Graduate of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies of UoA, holding an MA in Media Studies from the University of Sussex and PhD candidate in the Faculty of Journalism and Media of AUTh.