The "soft skills" of success

inspired by Metropolitan College

How are horizontal skills acquired? Are they innate? Can they be learned? In what way? How can higher education contribute to the development of these skills? 

Moderator: Mia Kollia, Journalist


Giannos Mitsos, Senior Advisor of SEV

Dr. Katerina Papoutsi, Programme Leader, Faculty of Business and Economics, Metropolitan College

Markella Masoura, Jungian Coach (ACC), Arts Psychotherapist, Communications Specialist

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The "soft skills" of success

Business environment is constantly changing and needs creative and flexible employees, with knowledge and skills that make them productive and contribute significantly to the development of a business.  

The job market is looking for well-trained candidates with a bachelor's, a master's and foreign languages, but also with a range of "soft skills". Leadership, extroversion and innovation, stress and time management, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and problem-solving skills, communication skills and teamwork are the soft skills ("soft" or "horizontal" skills), that are currently evaluated as a determining factor not only for finding a job, but also for a successful professional career.  

But how are horizontal skills acquired? Are they innate? Can they be learned? In what way? How can higher education contribute to the development of these skills? What are the most important soft skills that make a job candidate stand out from the rest that may have essentially the same knowledge?

In this ExpertsTalk, journalist, Mia Kollia, speaks with notable experts, Senior Advisor of SEV, Giannos Mitsos, Head of Career Office of Metropolitan College, Dr. Katerina Papoutsi and Jungian Coach & Arts Psychotherapist, Markella Masoura, for the value of soft skills in life and work and how they can bedeveloped and used appropriately.

Mia Kollia

Mia Kollia, co-owner of Social Media and Communication agency, We R Press, (with collaborators such as the Museum of Contemporary Art,, Celia Kritharioti, Santa Marina, Cookoovaya, Basegrill, SophieDeloudi, Les Connaisseurs and many others), is a journalist and author of the book "Loukia: Life Fashion Art", while she has also been an instructor of fashion journalism. She has been organising and coordinating the Up Event conference for for eight years and has invited some great personalities as speakers. She does interviews on and she is going to publish several interviews of her 30-year career. She collaborates with ImpacTalk and Jenny exclusive.

She has worked as an editor for "BHMAMen" magazine of “To Vima” newspaper and as an editorial director of the "WOMAN" magazine of "Kathimerini" newspaper. She had previously worked as a journalist for more than 25 years, writing articles in major magazines and newspapers (CLICK, MEN, DIVA, ELLE, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Eleftherotypia, Epsilon, City Press, To Vima). She can speak and write English, French and Italian.

Giannos Mitsos
Senior Advisor of Sev

Giannos Mitsos is Senior Advisor of Sev, Public and Media Communication. He has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors with an emphasis on collaboration between the two and the development of policies to improve it. His focus is on public policies for the development of interfaces between knowledge and production, productive reconstruction and the creation of a suitable business environment. Giannos Mitsos studied Economics at the University of Essex and European Politics at the London School of Economics and is a GMF Marshal Memorial Fellow.  


Dr. Katerina Papoutsi
Programme Leader Faculty of Business and Economics, Metropolitan College

Katerina holds a ΜΕng in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, a MSc in Business Management from the University of Warwick and a PhD in Operations Management from Cass Business School.  

Prior to joining Metropolitan College, Katerina worked in the consulting industry for Ernst and Young and Grant Thornton, where she had the opportunity to participate in numerous projects across different industries.

Currently she is part of the Metropolitan College team and she is serving as the Programme Leader in the MBA course as well as Head of Career Office and Alumni.

Markella Masoura
Jungian Coach (ACC), Arts Psychotherapist, Communications Specialist

Markella Masoura is a Jungian Coach, Arts Psychotherapist and Communications Specialist. She works in her private space, InnerCanvas in Maroussi, where she offers psychotherapy and coaching sessions both individually and in groups. 

Both her previous 15 years of involvement in doing business abroad and in Greece as a communicator, as well as her subsequent training and professional involvement with Psychotherapy, are undoubtedly great advantages for her as a life & Business Coach.

Markella is an exclusive partner of the ICF certified international training JungianCoaching School in Greece, and works at the educational and supervisory team of the program. Jungian Coaching is a wise, direct and effective coaching approach, as it draws from the unconscious and knows how to deal with both the rational and the irrational part of life.

"The philosophy of coaching is first for me a unique way of life! This is exactly why I love coaching, because it is a wise life choice: it starts with the attitude of "I don’t know", I listen "actively", I am left in a creative process "I dance with my interlocutor here and now", and I stand next to him in such a way as to provoke his thinking and inspire him to maximize his personal dynamics”.