Sports as an ideal, sports as a value

inspired by Kaizen Gaming

Sports as an ideal; sports as a value. Sports are the right way to build a healthy body, develop a great personality and mentality and change the way you perceive the world.

Pantelis Vlachopoulos, Journalist

Lefteris Petrounias, Olympic Champion in Artistic Gymnastics
Maria Prevolaraki, Olympic Wrestling Athlete

Sports as an ideal, sports as a value
Inspired by Kaizen Gaming

Sport ideals, values & the profession of being a champion; true stories, even more true meanings
Inspired by Kaizen Gaming 
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Sports as an ideal, sports as a value. Sports are the right way to build a healthy body, develop a great personality and mentality and change the way you perceive the world. This ExpertsTalk focuses on an experiential discussion about effort and extreme effort, about strength and the moments of weakness and about the external factors that undermine us and the internal ones that strengthen us. Light is also shed on the sacrifices, the risks of physical and mental health, rewards and recognition.

Can one be a born champion or do we usually become one?
How did sports make you as a person?
How did sports cultivate your personality?
What challenges do you face?
Is financing your dreams and efforts a key to success?
Where do you find your greatest support?
Were there any moments you buckled, or moments you filled up with strength to move on? 
What are the ideals & values ​​you have embraced through sports?
How prepared do you feel for what’s coming in the future?
What about the dark side of being a champion, extreme effort and the mental and spiritual cost?
Myths and reality about being a champion?
What are the physical, behavioral and moral characteristics of a champion? 

Pantelis Vlachopoulos

Pantelis Vlachopoulos was born in Athens. He started his career at SKAI in 1997 (radio and television), continued at ALPHA and moved to ERT in 2004 to present football and basketball shows. 
He was the editor-in-chief of the main news bulletins of state television channels and participated in the missions of the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games. He has been working for 24MEDIA since 2010 and for six years he was chief editor at
Since November 2017 he has been the chief editor of

Lefteris Petrounias
Olympic Champion in Artistic Gymnastics

Lefteris Petrounias, born on November 30, 1990, is an Olympic gold medalist and world champion in the sport of rings.
With his obvious talents being spotted early on, it was no surprise that even from the age of 10 he had already won medals at the Greek Juniors Championship. On top of these, Lefteris has won more than 20 medals and a hefty total of more than 30 distinctions, not only on a national but on an international level.
He has been nicknamed justifiably as the “Midas of the Rings” and suggests a dominant figure in the sport of rings, especially since the competent body of the World Federation named after him an exercise in the rings, which had been performed by Lefteris Petrounias at the European Championships in Sofia,Bulgaria and assessed with the difficulty rating E (0.50 points).
At the Rio Olympics, Lefteris executed his routine in a unique way in the course of the final of the rings. He earned 16,000 points and consequently rose to the highest step of the podium so as to receive the gold medal.

Maria Prevolaraki
Olympic Wrestling Athlete

Maria Prevolaraki was born in Athens on December 21, 1991.
She is undoubtedly the most important Greek athlete in the sport of Wrestling, with notable achievements at European and World level since 2012.
She has participated twice in the Olympic Games, in 2012 and 2016, while in her upcoming third participation in Tokyo, she is one of the highest Greek hopes for an Olympic medal.
Her top moment was the Gold Medal at the World Cup in Sofia, in 2020.