Edited by Christina Katsantoni

Christos Chomenidis was born in Athens where he currently lives. He was son to the vice-captain of Greek National Liberation Front (EAM), Vasilis Nefeloudis, who was also general secretary of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) before the war. He grew up in the centre of Athens, particularly in Kypseli where he has been living since then.

He studied law in the University of Athens and attended law courses in the former Soviet Union and communication courses in Athens. At first he worked in a law firm in Athens but he turned quickly into writing.

He appeared as a writer for the first time with a short story for “Playboy” magazine in 1988. In 1993 he published his first novel, “The Wise Child”, which received great recognition, scored high critiques and was translated into French, Italian and Jewish. Today he is one of the most widely-read Greek writers and his books have been translated into French, English, Spanish, Czech, Lithuanian, Turkish and Jewish. 


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In his works he has been engaged with several and varied topics from the industry of folk songs in the “Voice” to a different version and narration of the Trojan War in his latest book “Her King”. 

He was also a radio producer for a lot of years. He works as a columnist for several magazines, newspapers and websites. He’s impulsive, acerbic and always well-read. This is evident in both his writings and his speaking in public. 

In the Leaders Talk, the award-winning writer Christos Chomenidis, who says he’s always keen to meet people and their stories, shares his own stories, from his childhood, his first hobby and bullying in school, to the time of creation and the writing of his first novel. He explains how and why he writes and unveils the most valuable key in a writer’s keyboard.