By Christina Katsantoni

The journalist, who has been linked with great investigations and crucial journalistic revelations, was born and raised in Athens and studied Law at the University of Athens. He started working as a journalist in 1986, in the newspaper "Proti" and three years later he joined the editorial board of "Kathimerini" and the political section of Mega Channel. In the years 1990 – 1997, he moved to Germany where he worked in German media, but also as a correspondent for "Kathimerini" and ANT1 Channel. 

Throughout his career he has worked with 23 employers and has presented a total of over 250 long-term reports on television. In 1998, together with Alexis Papahelas and Pavlos Tsimas, they created the investigative journalism show "The Black Box", which marked Greek television and made history. It was followed by the shows "Envelopes" and "New Envelopes", "Stories" and "Special Report" which he continues to present on ANT1 Channel, together with Antonis Fourlis and Maria Sarafoglou.  

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He has won the “Faces” Award 8 times for his work on television, as well as the Botsi Award for revealing the Greek involvement in the “Siemens bribery case” and for defending the public interest through his reporting. 

In his Leaders Talk, Tassos Telloglou, the journalist who has identified his name with investigative journalism, looks back on his journey from the first reports to the most dangerous ones, describes the stories that motivate him, the principles of investigative journalism, failures, dismissals and the times he said "No", explaining why a journalist is the one who is hesitant to ask.