By Makis Provatas

Stelios Ramfos was born in Athens in 1939. He is a contemporary philosopher, academic and writer. He studied at the Law School of Athens and in 1965 went to Paris where he studied Philosophy at the Université de Vincennes à Saint - Denis. There, he taught Philosophy from 1969 to 1974. In 1974 he settled permanently in Greece. 

In Athens, he taught, among others, at the Goulandris-Horn Foundation, while today he teaches at the Vassilis and Marina Theocharakis Foundation. He has published articles in well-known literary magazines, such as "Efthini", "Erourem" and "Indictos", while he gives many lectures and interviews on current issues that concern the contemporary Greek reality. 


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His work is truly important and includes many books, philosophies, studies and essays. Some of his most famous works are "Greece of Dreams - Study in our collective fantasy", "Eternity and time, Plotinus, III 7 (45)" and "The Logic of Paranoia".  

In the Leaders Talk, Stelios Ramfos elaborates on the comprehension of the intellectual and spiritual characteristics of modern Greece that stem from Byzantium, the ignorance of which, as he states, makes the modern Greek psyche deficient. 

Stelios Ramfos declares that he’s an ardent optimist: "optimism, for me, is to see reality. Where there is a view of reality, the way is open to optimism." On the occasion of the pandemic and the internal fermentations it has caused to every human being, Stelios Ramfos believes that this is a good opportunity to think seriously about our weaknesses. "Because thinking seriously about my weaknesses means thinking about my soul", concludes the famous philosopher.