From ancient tragedies to TV shows and from classic ballet to music videos, Konstantinos Rigos has proved that talent in arts is as broad as it’s rare. 

He was born in Athens and studied Economics at the University of Athens and Dance at the Public School of Orchestra Art. In 1990, through establishing the dance theater OKTANA, he contributed decisively to the development of modern dance in Greece, while he served as art director of Dance Theater in the National Theater of Northern Greece. He has directed innumerable dance performances and various creations.

His choreographies have earned awards from different institutions and have been praised by many different critics and received outstanding comments in a lot of international dance festivals around the world. He has directed Greek and international plays as well as musicals, children plays, shows, concerts, music videos and performances, combining and employing all his qualities.


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As a contributing artist and photographer, he has collaborated with magazines, and he has also participated in group exhibitions as a visual artist. Since January 2018 he’s served as director of Ballet in the Greek National Opera.

Not taking into account patterns and stereotypes, he had started choreography before he learned dancing and he’s never stopped trying to create visual masterpieces that can incite audience’s apperception. 

In the Leaders Talk, Konstantinos Rigos, the choreographer and director that has inspired audiences all over the world, talks about the escapade of being creative, the importance of learning, the aesthetic codes, the inspiration and where we can look for it. He focuses on the essence of art and sends his own message to whoever wants to try out the art of dancing, which pursues nothing less than perfection.