By Christina Katsantoni

Spyros Theodoropoulos is an entrepreneur and the CEO of CHIPITA SA, one of the leading companies in bakery snacks all over the world. 

Born and raised in the centre of Athens, he studied in Athens University of Economics and Business and took his first professional steps in companies functioning in the food industry. 

His first business venture involved importing matches from Italy. The next step was the purchase of the 50% of a small company named Chipita which made cheese puffs, in 1986. He acquired the remaining 50% in 1989. 

Following the innovative idea of ​​producing standard croissants, Chipita grew rapidly beyond Greek borders. In 1994, Chipita was listed on the Greek Stock Exchange and in the following years it was developed into a very important multinational company with factories in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and strategic partnerships in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico and Malaysia. 

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In 2006, after the merger of Chipita with the companies: DELTA, Goody’s and Barba Stathis for the creation of VIVARTIA and the acquisition of VIVARTIA by MIG, he became the CEO of Vivartia ABEE for four years. 

In the summer of 2010, together with the Olayan group, he reacquired CHIPITA which has since continued to expand to markets around the world. Today he is Vice President of the Board of SEB.  

In his Leaders Talk, the CEO of Chipita, Spyros Theodoropoulos, explains how a house in Moschato can create a company that sells billions of products every year in more than 56 different countries. He talks about the value of an idea and its proper implementation, the principles of business and the conditions of proper cooperation, the importance of production, but also about the human factor, emotional intelligence and their decisive role in life and business.