By Christina Katsantoni

The Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Greece, Panos Sambrakos, has been involved in the field of online advertising and Interactive Marketing since 1997, trying to bring brands into contact with online users, in a direct and efficient way for both parties.

Having studied computer science and obtained a Bachelor of Science at Southeastern College, specializing in "Computer Information Systems", in 1997 he founded, designed and maintained the official website of the Ian Fleming Foundation "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!", while simultaneously working at HellasNet S.A., initially as a Web Designer (with award-winning creations) and later as Creative & Business Unit Director (who contributed the most to the company's development in the field of online advertising).


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In 2005 he moved to OgilvyOne, where he assumed the duties of Executive Creative Director and since 2019 he has been the general creative director of the now unified Ogilvy Greece. His name and the teams he has led have been associated with leading advertising campaigns, interactive innovations that went viral, short and feature films, documentaries, campaigns that addressed social issues by subverting stereotypes and countless international awards, which brought records in the history of Greek advertising. 

In the Leaders Talk, the creative director of the advertising company Ogilvy Greece, Panos Sambrakos, unfolds his experiences from his many adventurous years in the field of advertising, describes what qualifications an advertiser needs to have, talks about his love of cinema which was his first driving force, for the information that is always out there, about the relationship between advertising and brands with social issues and about the required harmonious coexistence of art and marketing in a successful advertising campaign.