Amymoni is the Panhellenic Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of multiple disabled and visually impaired people, founded in Athens, in 1993, driven by the need of parents to claim the rights of their children.

Inspired by Amimoni

In the increasingly inclusive social context in which we live today, the need for institutions and associations such as Amimoni is self-evident. What should gradually become the goal of our community is that the people who need our support will be able to live and dream like all of us; actually, to have no difference at all.

Amimoni has managed through an integrated plan to contribute the maximum in all life sectors of a person who seeks support. Its beneficiaries are children and adults with total or partial vision loss and additional disabilities, such as mental retardation, autism, syndromes, neurological disorders, motor problems, psychiatric disorders, epilepsy and hearing problems.

The Action of Amimoni

So far, Amimoni has offered services to more than 480 families, providing education, employment and treatments (occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, music therapy, etc.) to children and all kinds of support to the family. More specifically, the association provides services through four programs:   

Early Intervention Program

It has been operating since 2004 and is aimed at infants and children from 0 to 6 years old. It is provided in the home of each child and in close cooperation with the family environment. The goal is a timely evaluation and utilization of the children’s potential, but also the support and guidance of the parents. For the acquisition of additional know-how, Amimoni collaborates with foreign institutions and associations, such as the Blindeninstitut in Germany, while for the past five years the program has been provided remotely through teleconferences to families from all over Greece and abroad.

Iris Day Centre

This is the first day care centre in Greece, which serves 40 people daily from Monday to Friday and has been operating since 1995 at Elliniko. The purpose of the Centre is to cultivate skills of everyday life and in particular the learning of social rules of behavior, encouragement for self-service, the practice of orientation and especially the promotion and full utilization of the potential of individuals.

“Polichni” Guesthouse

Since March 1996, the only program in Greece for the introduction of Semi-Autonomous Living, for people with visual impairments and additional disabilities, has been operating in a detached house in Chalandri. It operates from Friday to Monday morning, serves 5 beneficiaries per week and aims at lifelong training in daily skills, as well as improving the quality of life of trainees.

“Lilian Voudouri” Assisting Living Residence

Lilian Voudouri is the first and only Assisting Living Residence in Greece for people with this combination of disabilities and has always been a dream for the parents of these children. It is housed in a detached house in Pikermi (donated by the Lilian Voudouri Foundation) and has been operating since August 2012. It accommodates 7 people and its purpose is to stay for a lifetime in a warm and family environment.

What makes Amimoni special

Amimoni is the only pan-Hellenic organisation that provides education, care and treatments to children and adults with vision problems and additional disabilities, covering their entire age range, while supporting their families in every way possible. For 29 years of uninterrupted operation, it provides high quality services by constantly trained staff, with transparency, cooperation and consistency, with the aim of caring for and meeting the lifelong needs of the people who need it. An additional advantage of the association is to provide uniqueness to each beneficiary group, with targeted interventions and separate support for each individual. 

For its contribution to society and its pioneering work, Amimoni has won significant distinctions, among which stand out the double distinction with the Corporate Communication Award and the Special Distinction for the best use of performance indicators (KPI's) for the creation of a Model Playground for visually impaired children ("Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards", 2019) as well as the award by the President of the Greek Republic in the "Models of Excellence Awards" in 2015.  

In 2020 Amimoni stood out among 53 NGOs, taking the second place in "Social inclusion - Welfare", under the Program "THALIS II - Mapping & Evaluation of Greek Non-Profit Organisations".

Today, Amimoni participates in European research and development programs (PrECIVIM, ErISFaVIA, Burn Out Free ECI Project, Stories4all), proposes innovative actions for crowdfunding, maintains a continuous networking and information, while also implements national programs with significant social impact ("Fairy tale without limits" - The first electronic fairy-tale library for visually impaired children, "Giving life to pictures" - Library of fairy tales with 3D printing).

The importance of an association like Amimoni for the society was also emphasised by the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidou:

"From the first moment we undertook the social policy of the country, we have been fighting for an inclusive and equal society. Amimoni works tirelessly for this purpose. It is the only Institution nationwide that provides care to children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities. Knowing closely the people and the operations of Amimoni, we want even more to support this project. As we’ve said from the first day, we don’t leave anyone behind ".

And this is what makes Amimoni so special; the fact that it leaves no one behind, until it finally manages to make all those in need live as they have dreamed.

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