By Christina Katsantoni

Costantza’s childhood memories have the aromas and flavors of Crete. Sun, sea and a large table set for everyone. The first picture of herself is a photo in which she poses as a child next to her father inside the construction site of Agapi Beach, the family's first hotel. At that time, of course, Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou didn’t yet know that her professional journey and especially the joy of creation for her would pass steadily through a construction site - sometimes of the Blue Palace and sometimes of Costa Navarino.

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The Studies and the first experiences

As a child she wanted to become a fashion designer. Later she looked for creativity in other sectors, attending theater and political philosophy classes, in parallel with her studies in Architecture. At Macedonia Palace she lived her first experience from a construction site as a student, then in the second year of school. She remembers running about without obvious reason while trying to help, but she liked the intensity and enthusiasm of creation. The difficulties began with the construction of the Blue Palace in Elounda, Crete. 

At that point Costantza Sbokou made a crucial decision for her life and returned to Greece from America, where she had already completed her master's degree at Harvard with a scholarship and got a job as a project and construction manager. Her wish back then was to stay in the US at least for a little longer, but her roots were calling her back. The influence of the family, the desire of her father and especially the challenge of participating in the creation of a great project such as the Blue Palace, from the first day was the high incentive that led her to the decision to return; a decision she never regretted.   

The construction of the Blue Palace was the greatest experience for Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou. She ran deep from the beginning and began to learn every specialty in detail, which helped her to develop her skills and to understand that no matter how much she liked design and study, the job that will always excite her is in the construction site.

Shine in the eyes of others

The management of the company founded by Giannis Sbokos (Sbokos Hotel Group) came gradually under the control of Costantza and her sister, Agapi, and a new chapter opened in 2018, with the renaming of the company to Phāea Resorts (which currently includes five resorts in Crete ). The word Phāea  symbolises the sparkle in the eyes of visitors, who aspire to continue watching the two sisters transferring the family tradition to the future. 

For Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou, hospitality on a professional level is not much different from that on a personal level. Her sense of hospitality is intertwined with hospitality in a Cretan house with a full table. The ultimate goal is that every visitor should take with him/her a piece of Greece, its culture, the beauties, the secrets and the smiles of its people. 

Entrepreneur, wife and mother

In recent years her schedule has been full of obligations, some of which pass through the construction site of leading hotel groups in Greece. Despite her obligations, she always finds valuable time for her children and her husband, Achilleas Constantakopoulos, with whom they share the same vision. Her work has no schedule, but, as she says, when you love what you do you feel the fatigue only at the end of the day.  

Having faith in the potential of Greece in the field of tourism and in the authentic spirit of Greek hospitality, Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou considers that tourism in Greece will be developed even more especially in the field of luxury hospitality. Plans for the future never stop, guided by the belief that in every problem there is a solution and a goal, which always leaves a positive imprint.